Fundable, Sendable, Tradable Digital Asset Vaults

Fundable, Sendable, Tradable Digital Asset Vaults

Emblem is a unique digital asset vault with integrated chat bot, crypto token wallet and file manager, built with p2p and decentralized technology and powered by the COVAL platform and distributed ledger network.

Simple, elegant and easy to use

All the complexity is under the hood and we strive to make the user experience enjoyable and simple.

Create Emblem

Get started by naming the new Emblem and add some additional info and/or message.

Manage Emblem

Once created, you can then fund with crypto tokens, add files and text messages. Embot, a chat bot, will assist you and display helpful commands that you can use.

Send Emblem

You can send the Emblem to other people. An Identity Matching service will try to contact the recipient or you can directly send a special link or crypto token to someone who can then redeem the Emblem.

Trade Emblem

An Emblem is itself represented as a crypto asset and can be used to trade on decentralized p2p exchanges or privately with others as an OTC trade.

Claim Emblem

You can claim ownership of an Emblem which unlocks the funds and other encrypted data and renders the Emblem unsendable.

View Emblem

Viewing an Emblem's contents is intuitive. You can see token balances, file listings and metadata or even play video or audio media.

Fundable, Sendable, Tradable


Fund an Emblem with bitcoin and XCP tokens or ether and ERC20 tokens and other types of crypto tokens.


Send Emblems to potentially anyone! Any user namespace on any identity platform that supports private messages.


List Emblems on p2p and ad hoc markets or trade privately directly with other users in an OTC setting.

What is an EMBLEM?

What is an Emblem?

Emblem is a unique app that combines a messenger/chat system withintegrated bot services as well as a crypto asset wallet. Users can create Emblems as trustless assets representing a digital vault.

Private Blockchain Asset

Private Blockchain Asset

A sidechain ledger asset used for sending/receiving Emblems with the Coval network.

Public Blockchain Asset

Public Blockchain Asset

A Bitcoin Blockchain Asset used for sending/receiving Emblems outside the Coval Network.

Encrypted Data Room

Encrypted Data Room

A Data “Clean Room” with integrated chat bot and embedded wallet app for managing an Emblem and adding file’s, message’s, token’s and other data.

HTTP/DAT URL (emblem.id)

HTTP/DAT URL (emblem.id)

A URL using both HTTP and p2p DAT protocol for exposing public Emblem metadate and Claim/Redeem initiation.

Technical Components

Peer-to-peer using DAT & Matrix

Dat syncs and streams data directly between devices with end-to-end encryption and secret public-key/sha256 addresses. Matrix is a federated communication protocol.

MFA using Unloq

Secure multi-factor authentication, transaction authorisation and data encryption service.

Blockchain using COVAL

A Sidechains-based platform and protocol to facilitate frictionless movable value.

Powered by COVAL

The Emblem app is built on the COVAL Platform and integrates the ₡OVAL cryptocurrency as a native token used for certain fees. To learn more about COVAL, visit coval.cc